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A crown is a restoration that is made to cover the entire tooth. A crown will improve the strength, and looks of the supporting tooth. The use of a filling material is not advisable because the filling is unsupported.

Need:  There are multiple reasons why teeth need crowns. Most of the reasons are related to the strength of a tooth. The following items might be reasons why a crown(s) was needed:

  • Fractured or broken tooth.
  • Excessive amount of decay.
  • Tooth has existing large filling with decay and/or marginal breakdown of old filling material.
  • Tooth has been treated with a root canal.
  • Tooth has existing crown that has failed because of decay around its margins and/or underneath.
  • Improve your smile.

Dental Treatment appointments in our Lakewood Dental Practice: The first appointment is used to prepare or shape the tooth. An impression is made of the tooth and the opposing teeth. A temporary crown is made and cemented in place. The second appointment is scheduled. At the second appointment the temporary crown is removed, the crown is fitted, adjusted and cemented into place.

One Appointment Crowns: We have the equipment to fabricate an all procelain crown in the office. The crown is made immediately after the tooth is prepared, and placed in the same appointment. This technique can be used in most cases, but not in all cases.


Expectations: The length of time a crown will function varies. The condition of the supporting tooth, the patient's oral hygiene, diet and many other factors will affect the time of service.

Materials: Crowns are made to either be tooth colored or all gold. The tooth colored crowns usually have a sub-base of gold and porcelain is baked on to create a very natural look. There are variations to these norms and there are specific reasons why one material might be recommended.

A crown is to restore your teeth in the best way possible. The investment you place now in your mouth is important. It will serve you well in the long run. If you have any questions please let us know.


All Procelain Crowns - treat old fillings


All Porcelain Crowns - treat dark edges of old crowns


Two crowns to improve esthetics


Crowns and a bridge to improve smile