Dental Membership Programs at Lakewood Family Dental Care

Lakewood Family Dental Care has been a Dallas fixture since 1947. We care for families from Dallas, TX, and the surrounding communities of Lakewood, East Dallas, Hollywood Heights, Lake Highlands, Greenland Hills, and M Streets. At Lakewood Family Dental, we’re committed to providing accessible and top-quality dental care, so we’re proud to introduce our Dental Membership Plan.

Why Choose Our Dental Membership Plan?

At Lakewood Family Dental, we understand the financial challenges of dental care. Our Dental Membership Plan offers a range of benefits tailored with a variety of options according to your needs:

Benefits of Choosing Our Dental Membership Plans

When you opt for Lakewood Family Dental’s Dental Membership Plan, you unlock a world of advantages that ensure you and your family receive the highest quality dental care while saving on expenses:

No Deductibles or Reimbursements: Our plan has no deductibles or cumbersome reimbursement processes. You start saving right away after enrollment.

No Monthly Premiums: We keep it simple. Just pay the annual fee, and you’re ready to save. No need to worry about monthly expenses.

No Yearly Maximums: Our plan allows you to visit the dentist as frequently as you need. There are no yearly limits on your dental care.

Enroll Anytime: You can join our Dental Membership Plan any time of the year, so you’re never locked into specific enrollment periods.

No In-Network or Out-of-Network Worries: Forget the confusion of figuring out who’s in-network or out-of-network. With us, you get quality care without the hassle.

Trusted Dental Care: Rest assured, you’ll receive the same trusted, high-quality dental care from Dr. Slaughter and Dr. Farmer that you know and trust.

Please remember that the annual plan fee cannot be refunded or transferred. Service payment is expected at the time of treatment, and this plan cannot be combined with any other insurance or discount offers.

It’s important to note that this membership plan is a discount program, NOT a dental insurance policy.

*Please be aware that this program does not cover sleep apnea treatment, cosmetic procedures, and full-mouth cases.