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What is a fixed dental bridge? A bridge is a restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. Crowns are used on the teeth in front of and behind the missing tooth to support the false tooth. This entire restoration is cemented on to those supporting teeth. What are the reasons for a dental bridge? There are multiple reasons to replace missing teeth, but basically it can be narrowed down to three:
  1. Migration: The teeth surrounding a vacant area in the mouth, including the teeth above or below, will move into that open area. The position that these teeth move into is unnatural for them and can cause them to develop problems, that can lead to tooth loss, in extreme cases.

  2. Function: Teeth in every part of the mouth are designed for particular functions. If there is an area that has missing teeth, that area cannot function properly. The result is for other teeth to assume the added work, of which they were not designed or intended. This added work can create problems that might cause additional teeth to need treatment or extraction.

  3. Appearance: This is the most obvious reason patients' think of. The state of the art techniques and materials we use, results in a very natural look.
Treatment appointments The first appointment is used to prepare or shape the supporting teeth for their crown. An impression is made of the prepared teeth and the opposing teeth. A temporary bridge is made and cemented. The second appointment is to remove the temporary bridge, then fit, adjust and cement the bridge. Expectations you may have in our East Dallas Dental Office The length of time a bridge will function varies. The condition of the supporting teeth, the patient's oral hygiene, diet and many other factors will affect the time of service. Materials Bridges are made to either be tooth colored or all gold. The tooth colored bridges usually have a sub-base of gold and porcelain is baked on to create a very natural look. There are variations to these two types and there are specific reasons why one material might be recommended. Alternative Dental Implants are a good alternative. You might be a candidate for using an implant(s) to replace missing teeth. An implant is a metal device that is placed in the bone. The crown is then attached to the implant. An implant will allow you to replace the missing tooth without having to use adjacent teeth to support the false tooth. The results are great and the cost is coming very close to that of fixed bridges.Click here for more information about dental implants.

A fixed bridge is designed to restore your mouth to as close to it's natural conditions as before you lost the tooth (teeth) as possible. If you have been missing the tooth (teeth) for many years and have become accustomed to not having it, the importance of replacing it might seem small. That is not true, it is very important to replace missing teeth in order to help preserve other teeth and to allow you to function properly.