Chairside Custom Shading in Dallas, TX

A common concern among patients when they have cosmetic or restorative dental work done is whether or not it will look natural. Now when it comes to some types of treatment, it can’t look completely natural as the dental appliance installed won’t look the same as your natural teeth. For most procedures, it is possible to improve the look of your smile while still making sure that your teeth look as natural as possible.

A new trend in dental treatments that lets patients get the look they want from their dental restoration is called chairside custom shading. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative procedure and how it can improve the look of your smile.

How Does Chairside Custom Shading Work?

When you receive dental work to repair your smile, often the final product doesn’t look exactly like your natural teeth. Since cosmetic dentistry aims to give you the smile you’ve always wanted, your teeth must look real.

In the case of treatments like dental veneers, bonding, and certain other procedures, it is possible to match the natural color of the teeth by shading the dental appliance that is being added to your teeth.

Chairside custom shading is performed right there in the dental chair, either by a dentist or a trained dental aesthetician. The dentist in Dallas, TX, will look at the general shade of your teeth and then use that to match the appliance to the patient’s natural teeth by shading it the appropriate color.

This means that in most cases you can get the dental treatments you need to make your smile look better and the shading done during the same appointment. No more having to go to the dentist to get a set of veneers or a filling that matches your natural teeth. This convenient and time-saving option makes getting your cosmetic dentistry treatments easier and more effective than having noticeable dental appliances.