Crowns in Dallas, TX

Do you need experienced dentists near you who can help you with dental crowns? Here at Lakewood Family Dental Care, we make it easy to get professional crowns in Dallas, TX. We work hard to make sure that everyone receives professional and caring dental attention.

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What Is It?

A crown is a small, tooth-shaped cap. This tiny cap goes on top of a decayed or broken tooth, returning it to its original form and function. Furthermore, a dental crown will provide you with improved dental health and hygiene.

Many patients have to avoid certain foods because of their damaged teeth. With crowns, you can return to eating the foods you love without compromise!

Dental crowns are made out of materials like porcelain or metals. This ensures that your newly placed crown will be durable and strong like a real tooth. When you properly maintain your new crown, you can look forward to it lasting for years.

Who Needs Crowns?

Some of the most common examples of patients getting crowns are:

  • To prevent a damaged tooth from breaking
  • Providing protection after a root canal
  • Protecting a tooth that is worn down
  • Restoring a chipped or broken tooth

If you are currently struggling with oral health problems and are in need of crowns near you, please call Lakewood Family Dental Care. We can restore your damaged, broken, or missing teeth with dental crowns!

How Long Does Treatment Take?

This treatment option is often quick and easy. Your teeth will first be examined by our dentists near you to see if you need additional dental care before getting crowns.

Crowns take just an hour or 2 to create. Once they are ready, we will bond the crown to your damaged teeth, thereby restoring its appearance and function.