Exams and Cleanings in Dallas, TX

Are you looking for regular exams and cleanings near you? As a family, you should look for dentists in Dallas, TX that can provide regular and efficient exams and cleanings. At Lakewood Family Dental Care, we know that the value of these visits is often overlooked. Patients tend to go to the dentist only when they have a complaint.

Regular exams and cleanings in Dallas, TX can save you plenty of effort, time, and money. Knowing that there are dentists near you that can take care of your family’s dental health is essential. At Lakewood Family Dental Care, we’re just as comfortable performing exams and cleanings as we are performing complicated procedures like extractions and crowns.

Regular Exams

People usually underestimate the value of regular exams because they don’t know why they’re important or how they’re done. At Lakewood Family Dental Care in Dallas, TX, we advise that all adults have two regular exams each year.

These exams are simple and quick. We start by inspecting the mouth, and then we palpate it. During regular exams, we look for early signs of trouble like mild gingival inflammation or small cavities. Oral cancer will also be screened for during these exams. While adults need two exams per year, the number varies for children depending on their age and dental status. All members of the family need regular exams.

Regular Cleanings

Cleanings can be confused with teeth whitening procedures. During teeth whitening procedures, we use chemicals to remove stains from teeth to make them brighter. This isn’t the case with cleanings. When we clean teeth, we remove plaque and tartar. These are rough collections that accumulate over teeth and contain bacteria.

Without cleanings, plaque and tartar will grow and might lead to dental and periodontal infections. Unfortunately, plaque and tartar can only be removed at the dentist’s office using the tools that we have at Lakewood Family Dental Care. You won’t be able to remove them at home. By keeping your teeth free from these collections, you’ll significantly reduce the likelihood of problematic dental conditions and keep your teeth fresh.

To schedule your regular exams and cleanings, call our dentist in Lakewood today!