Fillings in Dallas, TX

Dental cavities are very common in the United States and the world. At Lakewood Family Dental Care, we see patients that need fillings near you almost daily. Dealing with cavities is essential to prevent further tooth loss and damage. At Lakewood Family Dental Care, our dentists near you have years of experience in fillings.

We’re prepared to provide the latest and most advanced cavity treatments available. Our job as dentists in Dallas, TX is to treat dental cavities without affecting your smile. People that get fillings in Dallas, TX should be able to smile and go about their lives without any limitations. Experiencing decay in the form of a cavity shouldn’t interfere with your life.

Dental Cavity Diagnosis

Diagnosing dental cavities is simple. Many cavities are discovered accidentally during regular visits before they start producing symptoms. Sometimes, patients see us because they’re experiencing some discomfort, and it turns out to be due to a cavity.

We’ll ask you a few questions before examining you. Cavities are often visible during dental exams. We have tools that help us see the details of each tooth. A dental x-ray is sometimes required. X-rays can help us identify the depth of dental cavities. Knowing the depth of your cavity will help us tailor a treatment plan for you.

Dental Fillings in Lakewood, Dallas, TX

Fillings are used to stop cavities from growing and strengthen affected teeth. The cavity has to be thoroughly cleaned before the filling is placed. There are multiple types of fillings available. We have tooth-colored fillings that are made of porcelain, ceramic, and composite resin. These fillings come in different shades of white, so they look natural and don’t affect your smile.

Composite resin fillings last five to ten years and are cheaper than porcelain and ceramic fillings. While porcelain and ceramic fillings are more expensive, they will also last longer. Metal fillings made of silver and gold are also available. Metal fillings can last up to 20 years but are reserved for cavities in hind teeth because they will affect your smile. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable while receiving a filling. No precautions will need to be taken.