Invisalign® in Dallas, TX

Have you been searching for Invisalign near you? Then you need to see our talented team at Lakewood Family Dental Care! We offer Invisalign in Dallas, TX so that you can have a happier and healthier smile. If you have been unhappy with your teeth, our highly accomplished dentists in Dallas, TX can help restore your teeth to their natural beauty.

With years of education and experience, you can trust that we will provide you with effective and safe dental care. Let our team at Lakewood Family Dental Care help you with your dental concerns. Our dentists near you can help you finally get the smile you’ve always dreamed of having!

What Is It?

Invisalign is a dental treatment option for straightening teeth. There are no metals and wires, as Invisalign uses small, clear aligners instead. We make several sets of these little clear aligners just for your teeth.

You wear these sets for 2 weeks, with each one gradually straightening your teeth with time. Once your last set is taken off, your teeth will be healthier, straighter, and happier.

Invisalign begins by crafting a 3D map of the inside of your mouth. This map helps us better determine where to place the clear aligners.

Who Needs Invisalign?

Invisalign is often meant for teenagers and adults, as children’s teeth are still in the process of developing. However, there are sometimes exceptions depending on the needs of the child in question.

If you are displeased with the way your teeth look, Invisalign may be a great fit for you! Call us to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your treatment options with you.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatment times vary for each patient, as everyone’s needs are unique. With that said, many adults find that Invisalign takes just between 12 and 18 months. Teenagers may require slightly more time depending on the status of their teeth.

If you are ready to try Invisalign, don’t delay in giving us a call. We will be happy to discuss your treatment options to help you find the best way to straighten your teeth. We look forward to assisting you in any way that we can!