Mouthguards in Dallas, TX

It can be frustrating to have a problem with the position of your teeth or a problem sleeping and not know what to do about it. You’re probably aware that various dental solutions exist for various issues. You may not know that there are many problems you can solve by visiting your dentist, getting an evaluation, and being fitted for a custom nightguard. That’s right; mouthguards are for more than just playing sports! The right nightguard from your dentist can save you pain and damage to your teeth and jawbone.

Lakewood Family Dental Care in Dallas, TX can help you with all your nightguard-related needs. We have everything from traditional sporting mouthguards to more custom options to fix various dental issues. If you’re in the market for a dental appliance to help your smile, visit Lakewood Family Dental Care in Dallas, TX today!

How Does Getting a Mouth Guard Work?

You might be wondering how you go about getting a nightguard from your dentist. The process is fairly simple and works like any other dental appliance you might need. You’ll start by explaining your situation to the dentist. They will examine you to see if a nightguard is viable. Based on your need, a mold of your mouth is taken, precise adjustments are made for the type of correction required, and then the nightguard mold is sent to a lab to be created.

You will then return to the dentist near you for a follow-up visit, where you will be fitted with the nightguard and instructed on how to use it properly to alleviate the problem you are experiencing.

For example, those who clench or grind their teeth at night may be fitted with a special nightguard that separates and takes the pressure off their teeth to prevent further damage. This way, nightguards can protect you from many types of damage or serious injury.