Extractions in Dallas, TX

Dental extractions in Dallas, TX sound scary and rough, but they don’t have to be. At Lakewood Family Dental Care, we are dentists near you that have years of training and experience when it comes to dental extractions. Our dentists in Dallas, TX also emphasize your comfort. We’ll do all we can at Lakewood Family Dental Care to make your extractions comfortable and your recoveries smooth.

Rest assured that we won’t recommend extraction unless we think it’s the best option for you. As a dentist near you, we value natural teeth and know their importance to our patients. If an extraction is required, we’ll take all the necessary measures, so you don’t experience any discomfort.

Why Are Tooth Extractions Required?

Dental extractions are often recommended for many reasons. Wisdom teeth are usually extracted because they lead to problems that affect other teeth, or they don’t have space to erupt. Wisdom teeth are non-essential, and their removal leaves no deficits. They won’t have any impact on your ability to eat or speak, and they don’t need to be replaced.

Extraction might be advised when a tooth is severely infected or traumatized. A dead tooth acts as a source of infection to nearby teeth and distant organs. Removing it is beneficial for the patient’s dental and overall health. Accessory teeth should also be extracted to prevent them from damaging the person’s essential and natural teeth.

Dental Extractions in Lakewood, Dallas, TX

There are simple and surgical extractions. When a tooth is fully erupted and can be pulled, it’s called a simple extraction. When a tooth is mostly beneath the gum line and an incision has to be made, it’s called a surgical extraction. Before either type of extraction is made, we’ll inject the affected area with local anesthesia, so you don’t feel any pain. Sometimes, general anesthesia is required.

We’ll use all the available measures to control swelling, discomfort, and bleeding after the operation. You will receive painkillers after the extraction to keep you comfortable. To minimize swelling, you can place ice on the outside of the cheek. We’ll give you instructions on what to eat and what to avoid so we can prevent bleeding.