Sealants in Dallas, TX

Not everyone is familiar with dental sealants in Dallas, TX. At Lakewood Family Dental Care, we recommend dental sealants near you for your children. Dental sealants aren’t therapeutic procedures. This means that they’re not used to treat dental decay or similar conditions. Preventive procedures by dentists near you are used to keep your teeth in excellent shape.

Preventive procedures are valuable but often neglected. People don’t always see their value. At Lakewood Family Dental Care, we tell our patients that preventive procedures like dental sealants can save them time and effort. By taking good care of our natural teeth, we can keep them in great shape and avoid the need for therapeutic procedures. Having dentists in Dallas, TX that can protect and preserve your natural teeth is valuable.

Who Gets Sealants?

Anyone can get dental sealants. They are highly recommended in children between the ages of 5 and 15, but adults can get them too. They’re more important in children because they’re less likely to take good care of their dental health and tend to prefer sweets.

Most dental insurance policies will include dental sealants at no cost for children. Unfortunately, adults have to pay out of pocket for dental sealants, but they’re not expensive to get.

Getting Dental Sealants in Lakewood, Dallas, TX

Dental sealants are made of composite resin. We use the composite resin to fill tiny notches found in a person’s hind teeth. These notches can act as hiding spots for bacteria. We fill them to prevent bacteria from occupying and using them to hide from the toothbrush.

Children should start getting dental sealants around the age of five years when their adult teeth start coming in. You will need to bring in your child as new adult teeth erupt. Additionally, dental sealants only last about five years, so multiple applications might be required. The procedure is painless, and your child will remain comfortable while we apply the composite resin. We’ll be done before they start becoming irritable.

Adults can also receive dental sealants at Lakewood Family Dental Care. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.